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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Looking forward to seeing some AMD tests. I'm going to go test on my Atom netbook soon as well.
You asked for some AMD tests so it was the perfect opportunity to flirt with my old machine.

AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3 GHz
Windows 7 64-bit
RAM 10 GB (Unganged)
WASAPI 256 samples, 48kHz (Exclusive)
(testing: funny days from Lonely_7_11)

win32-icc: avg: 6.60% (range: 2-32.5%)
win32-vs13: avg: 9.60% (range: 2-24.2%)

win64-icc: avg 7.90% (range: 1.6-21%)
win64-vs13: avg 11.78% (range: 3.1-22.2%)

Justin, I guess those builds don't include the bool replacement I asked as favor in a private email last month or so. If such a test is meaningless I fully understand by the way.
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