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Originally Posted by JoostJanssensDS View Post
And, for surely, the script can be used even with overlapping notes right? I hope you can help me.
Overlapping notes? Eeck! Run away!

REAPER is unfortunately not compatible with overlapping notes. REAPER uses the standard specifications for MIDI files to store the data of its MIDI items, and according to these specifications, overlapping notes (same pitch and same channel) are not admissible MIDI data: Each note consists of two separate MIDI events, a note-on event and a note-off event, and each note-on event must be paired with the next note-off event. (Think of MIDI keyboards from the 1980's, streaming MIDI events through MIDI cables: A new note can only start after the previous note at the same pitch has ended.)

REAPER's MIDI editor can *temporarily* remember the locations of overlapping notes while a user is editing, but most (or all) of REAPER's other functions, including Gluing, Humanize, Quantize, etc, are not compatible with overlapping notes, and may result in artefacts such as zero-length notes or infinitely extended notes.

As mentioned in several bug reports, including Humanize function is affecting non-selected notes in a MIDI item, REAPER's own native functions such as Humanize don't warn the user about overlapping notes before blundering ahead. It would be much better and much more user-friendly if they did.

BTW, most of the other older DAWs, such as SONAR, also base their MIDI items on the MIDI file specifications, but some of the newer DAWs, such as Studio One, have moved away from these specifications in order to avoid the limitations.)

Originally Posted by JoostJanssensDS View Post
Even when doing correct overlapping notes, the script throws the same message on the screen.
If you get the same error message even after correcting overlapping notes, something may be wrong. Could you please check whether ALL the overlapping in the active take were in fact removed?
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