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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I suppose the setup it would be much better playable when two keyboards or (if this is not possible) two zones on a single keyboard and two hold pedals.

Zones are limiting the instrument ranges and are counter-intuitive for a pianist. Two keyboards are better, but how to achieve co-sounding of more than two instrument patches in a live setting?

Actually, this is typically possible using a SINGLE DP. I tested this on many Roland, Kawai and Yamaha MOTIF keyboards. Using such a keyboard, one can press a Violin note, switch instrument to Flute, press a note, then switch instrument to Piano and play a piano party co-sounding with the string+flute chord. The Violin+Flute notes are sustained by pedals or by switching channels. TWO such keyboards typically allow playing co-sounding melodies, not only chords. The downside of DP is obvious: one can use only their on-board sounds.

By implementing any of such Roland/Kawai/Yamaha UI in Reaper one would be able to play Ravenscroft 275 + VSL violin + VSL cello + VSL flute in a live setting, using one or two MIDI keyboards. This is what I am trying to do.
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