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Originally Posted by Rednroll View Post
That's just your opinion and not based upon any facts and just demonstrates your lack of understanding of Open Source code.
Some opinions are more informed than others and there is plenty of evidence that A4A != RME drivers. I work in both OSS and proprietary and I've seen and dealt with horror stories on both sides of that fence without question. But if that's your argument then A4A needs to up their game since they are still far behind RME in the driver stack game. No dog in this OSS fight, don't care really, just wanted to point out that trying to make Behringer the same as RME is just technically incorrect and that manufacturers that do support drivers long term are better than those who don't.

Get the Behringer, you can certainly make plenty of music with it so I don't see the problem here. They are certainly better than they were in the 90s.
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