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Is anyone in urgent need of folders ?

Here's why -- just watched an excellent Kenny Gioia video on Folders, Busses, Groups, and VCA's.

I would urge everyone to watch it too

We already have Busses -- aka Sends.

We also have temporary groups with Shift+Select.

To round out the set we need:
Permanent Groups

I think this is worth putting in a LOT of design time to get right.

We are starting to see the benefits of beating hard on the FX design, so it appears to be a good course of action -- lots of discussion that is.

So let's all think up our Cadillac solution for each of the above items, and really nail it

That of course means it will take a while to complete.

So, as stated at the top, if no one is in urgent need, we'll call the next build alpha and switch to incorporating an OSC front end.

Alpha means features are still being added, and will continue to be added for a while.

What do you think folks ?
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