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Originally Posted by s wave View Post
I am constantly trying to figure out if it sounds better? Which is a good thing.
The subtlety of many of his plugs is keeps me from using more of them. I need to hear what it's doing at extreme settings and dial it back from there.

Critical listening is a good thing, but if you actually can't tell if something is helping anything, then it's not; it's just eating your time. I do like how some of them can only be heard when putting them across all tracks and changing settings all at once tho.

ToTape5 and Channel7 are on every single track of mine for a while now, but yea, he's just got so many similar plugs and I like these ones so much, I don't dig any further wondering if there's more magic to be found.

I think his stuff is really suited to a modular environment though, where you can easily build complex systems from simple elements, and it sounds like he's working toward that.
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