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Originally Posted by RobinGShore View Post
This works. I've got tracks now! Only pan and volume are working though, no sends or FX. If a track doesn't have an active volume envelope, the volume in Eucon starts at infinity until I touch the fader (either the software fader in Reaper, or the physical fader on the surface). Similarly, pans all start hard left in Eucon until I touch them.

If I load a new project, I lose my tracks on the surface again, and I have to reload Eucon from the Reaper preferences to get them back.
I think you're officially up to speed! The issues you're describing sound like the same Eucon issues I've experienced and Geoff knows about. So right now, when Eucon works, it won't initialize any channel faders at 0db. Move them even a tiny bit (mouse or surface) and it comes right back to life. Save your project with the fader at 0.0db and it'll open looking like it didn't work. Save the project with the fader at -0.1db, and it'll immediately work upon opening (assuming it connected at all - see next paragraph). A known issue.

The other trick to getting Eucon working from the onset is to have Reaper closed and open Reaper projects from file explorer. Now that you've got the two talking, give it a shot if you haven't yet - works here. Otherwise, yeah, open your project first, then re-add Eucon. For now, I'm using the old Eucon implementation for actual work, but will pop in and do some testing if there's a new CSI Eucon build just to see where things are.

I'm optimistic now that some bugs reported over the last week or two have been found, and some of the installation issues sussed out, that Geoff is going to be full steam ahead on getting this Eucon implementation into a more mature state.
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