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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
I'm an old pilot myself and it totally amazes/mystifies me to watch both the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels who were also here about 3 years ago.
I saw the Blue Angels when I was 6 (around 1969) then again in 2004. In 2004 I took this picture below, he "punched it" only 50 feet over the ocean (which is why it is nearly at eye-level) and was just touching the edge of the sound barrier before he backed off - you can see the cone that almost developed before he let off the throttle. I saw him punch it way in the distance going parallel with the beach - I had to frame with the camera with one eye and keep the other eye open in order to track it - 700 MPH isn't easy to follow that close. I gave it my best guess and took the shot as it passed by...

This is from an old gallery, I need to find the original file to export a full-size version...

And another to show how close and how many people...

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