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Yay Psycho Dither, dunno what it really does (the VST version) but it looks shiney .

Originally Posted by Oxytoxine View Post
sorry the noob question, but how do i exactly use those dither plugs?

insert (as last) in the master channel (set its db = 0), and then, render to file? do i have to set any special settings for the rendering options or the output format in order that they will not "override" the dither plugin's settings or even again apply dithering?

thank you for a short guideline!..
Set the output format to the same as you dither, e.g. if you gonna render to 16bit also set the dither to 16bit.
Setting the output to some other bitdepth than the dither while "override" the settings, as will a volume/fade change (or any other FX) after the dither plug-in.
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