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Hey there and good evening from over here.
I've got a copy of the example.cfg file open right now. so here what I did and didn't edit.
Entries are one line each and some you may not need.
I'm running linux, so if you're running windows or mac that may be different.
First the port. This should be one of the following.
2049 2050, 2051, or 2052.
I chose 2050.
MaxUsers 10
Mine is set to 8.
MaxChannels has two settings, one for normal and another for anonymous users.
I set both to 2 because really, if ya want a bunch of channels, just hook up a stereo mixer into the left and right channel of your inputs.
ServerLicense is what displays the licence agreement file clients see when connecting.
AnonymousUsers no
Well, I've set mine to yes in case any of my friends want to log on without a password, no means that only people with a username and password can log in.
The next line determines whether anonymous users can chat.I don't mess with anything much until the user password permision sets.
Those should be self explanitory, and anything that has an '#' in front of it is either a comment or an option that you're not using.
The last four things to edit are:
DefaultTopic "damn ninjam is cool!"
Or whatever you want your users to see.
DefaultBpm 120
No quotes needed. and the following is similar.
DefaultBpi 8
first is beats per minute I think, and the next one is beats per interval.
I don't use the line with the
SessionArchive . 15
because I don't log the sessions on my server.
The last lines are only for windows users so I don't touch those.
I've not edited mine for a long time now, so I don't remember if you have to do it as root, but I'm pretty sure you do.
So in linux I just do the following from the directory where the binary is for my own convenience.
./ninjamsrv server.cfg
Hope that helps a bit.
Take care... Cheereo!
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