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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
EDIT part deux: Forgot to say "I feel for you" to Softsynth - I almost bought a Roland A800 and settled for an obsolete old POS Xboard 61, which actually works fine in 10. Roland always used to be really good on keeping their old stuff current, too.

Thanks Ivan,
I have never received the Win10 upgrade icon. I had to force it to work one time to get on the upgrade program. Since then it refused to work.
I downloaded Win10 after a search, not through updates.

As I never received this invite and GWX was cleared out in task scheduler (despite reinstalls of the required updates) I wonder if Microsoft's upgrade program is smarter than might be imagined?
The small PC I built got the invite immediately, everything works on that from day one, including the printer.

Perhaps Microsoft scan the machine for compatible hardware and are rolling it out on that basis?
Particularly with regard to graphics drivers; the other machine is AMD APU.

Either that or the fact that the other machine is Windows Pro it gets priority over Home installs?
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