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Version: Reaper v6.12/x64 6bb58 (15 Jun 2020)

Right, I've tried the same project I was having problems with again from scratch.

Exactly the same problem.

Switching from 95.00 BPM, 16 BPI to 95 BPM, 24 BPI. It now splits the non-local parts. But it doesn't change the BPI at all - no marker gets inserted, nothing.

If you try to insert the marker at the right place - it happens that it's not a common multiple of 16 and 24 beats into the project - you get told it's not possible to split the measure.

What needs to happen is Reaper needs to split the local part at the end of the 16 BPI measure, insert the 24 BPI change, then align subsequent parts to that.

If you try doing anything by hand - like inserting the 24 BPI marker - and then realise it's not working, removing the marker ends up with the weird timing issue (1.001 times real time or whatever).
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