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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
Little bit of googling led me first to the PA website and manual neither of which answer the question but definitely do show that the VU vs dbu meters are wonky and IDFK why. One usually expects 0dbVU to line up with +4dbu, but it sure ain’t.

Then I found this:
“The default on the Focusrite is the same as the SSL.

dBu PPM Meter Reference -20dBFS
Vu Meter Reference -10dBFS”
Which seems to match the wonkiness I’m seeing in the pictures but doesn’t make much sense to me. What consoles are calibrated so that 0dbVU = +10dbu?!? But I guess that’s what they’ve decided to do. Does this help answer your question? I guess basically if you’re used to VU meters calibrated to 0VU = -18dbFS, you should look at the dbu meter and shoot for +2, or else shoot for -8 on the VU meter. Or something...
Or change the internal calibration?

I could also use a separate metering plugin, either pre or post BX.
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