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Originally Posted by kirk1701 View Post
All ITB here. I actually follow this reasoning for once.
This is something that "youtube" screwed up.
So many people talking about gain staging can't even read a VU meter the right way!!
So we ended up with wrong informations given to people who were genuinely searching for answers.
But they don't give you any... they give you "rules", wrong ones (most of the times) and a lot of bad practices and false information are spreading out because of this.

I'm honestly not completely educated on the subject, i'm still searching some answers for myself, so in a sense you made me realize something with this thread : i finally get to realize i want to ditch EBU PPMs in VUMT Deluxe, because they don't switch to a "relative value" when going back and forth from VU to PPM, they stick to the same value of the VU Meter (and that's really unpractical since 0VU is +4dBu and on an EBU PPM i want to read +4 instead of TEST).

I ended up with the conclusion that i'm going to use Dorrough Meter because the PPM and VU are working toghether and the Scale for both VU and PPM is the same (digital full scale).
This now seems more practical to me
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