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Default Apple Spatial Audio questions


I am hoping for some insight into Apple Spatial Audio's implementation as I see it as a venue for a immersive sound experiences with a potentially wide audience. As of April 2021 I have the following observations:

Apple Spatial Audio is available on certain Apple devices paired with Airpods Pro or Airpods Max

The head/earphones accelerometer and gyroscope provide necessary data for headtracking and the head position affects the audio output.

The paired handheld device's position is also considered so that the soundscape doesn't rotate at unwanted times, for example when your bus turns (as opposed to your head)

The file formats mentioned in the reveal video is 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos

The list of supported apps includes a few that will play back local content, e.g. Plex (old player), FE File explorer and Air Video HD.
(Full list of supported apps:

No mention of HRTF support.

No mention of Ambisonics Support.

The spatial audio is likely to see more interest and adoption when paired with immersive XR content.

Looking forward to corrections/additions to this information. Ultimately I would like to find a path for easy user consumption of 3D Audio content produced in Reaper. So far Dolby Atmos seems to be the only road.
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