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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Yeah well I don't blame softie for evacuating but tell you what, SmajjL is actually thinking about it.
Is the steps required by me easy, I will only be a programmer next life ive decided since I obviously suck in this one.
What do you need?
Oh, you have the same problem? You'd need to download procmon.exe from the link I posted above and unzip it.

Have the driver install ready to go, start procmon, then start the installer as soon as possible and attempt to install the driver. Once it hangs, let it sit there for maybe 15 seconds, then stop procmon by clicking little magnifying glass:

Give it time to formally finish the logging. It logs so much data it may appear to hang as it unhooks from the system. Then... File > Save and browse to save it to some location you can get to. Then right-click the file you saved (logfile.pml) > send to > compressed (zipped) folder.

Then you'd need to place the resulting zip file somewhere I can retrieve it. For example if you had a drop box, or skydrive account that allows you to share the file. You can upload it there and PM me the link.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to PM me to keep the thread noise down if needed. Then I'll report back to the thread and PM with any relevant findings, assuming they are there.
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