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Softie: Why should I struggle? struggle'ing sucks and no point in that when I know what works and what doesn't already, In my case only one thing, the A-800Pro and I will go Windows10 if Roland think so or not!!
I am only waiting for the boxed version to hit the stores and i'm in on the same day.
Until then, I am a Windows trial leecher and that sucks.
So I am OS homeless? eh never mind.
We are already trying and Karbo is most helpful and if we get lucky, he will let you know right here, little optimism please and do not! underestimate Karbo.

Karbo: Yes - I - can
If your thought is about: Windows 10 the all mighty (I shall install Everything against your will! even if the driver suck.. mu'ehehe!) then yes, plausible.
I will have a look tomorrow, unless you Stop me before then.
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