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Originally Posted by Veto View Post
There are countless means to do good in the world (education,research,medicine,...) why would you choose to influence tense political processes?
If you want to change the world, then those situations balanced at the tipping point are the ones you target. This is true whether your intentions are noble or nefarious.

Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
I was taking about the idea/vision/dream.
You're talking about the level of realizing those ideas,
and the obstacles and illusions on the way there

I, agree, freedom (and democracy) has been used a lot in the US for selling slavery, greed and the dominance of the few over the many.

Now, individuality, oh, that touches into the meaning of this whole universe and especially the creation of, and the life on earth.
And, oneness, or community, that's really the everlasting nature of our spirit.

And between individuality and community/wholeness there lies the total of our experience as humans.

The symbol for the sun is apt, because we think the world revolves around us

We don't have an "everlasting nature of our spirit". The whole deal with ancestors and continuity has its roots in our fear of being temporary entities.
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