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Default Making an icon bob by sidechain audio?

I wanted to do a little video where there's a small icon (a face) overlaid as a layer on top of a video, and make it shake and bob according to an audio input.

It's almost possible. Almost.

To make it key with the alpha map correctly you need to insert a dedicated video processor (otherwise the underlying video will get moved as well). However the parameters of this dedicated video processor cannot be modulated or automated.

Then the icon needs to be added as another media item (an alpha mapped .PNG image), with its own video processor (pan/zoom) as an item FX. These parameters can be automated but only on envelopes on the item itself. Modulation can be added: you can add an LFO, but the LFO's parameters cannot be automated, only set permanently. If you add an audio sidechain, it will not listen to the signal on the track (presumably because the item itself doesn't really receive anything, it's a sender).

So, is there currently any way to achieve that "little icon that bobs up and down according to audio, on top of underlying video" goal in Reaper?

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