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As a German its not easy to read everything here in English......

If you are angry about.....

lolz-see m8,being a mate,friend buddy of iam=you. you must realize,this is an actual english typing forum.
there is a german forum i believe if your english is poorly developed...jus say'n bruv/sis.
+ you clearly have inserted this "anger" -when clearly,there is none =lol?
i encourage inventiveness+all sorts of expressions,but assumptions or unintentionally misleading ideas about a certain character,or a 1 sided perception of certain behaviours--is clearly,not in order..more 'out of order' =quite insulting when you look into the words,not @ them..

what's the topic again?

oh yeah icon bob by sidechain? did anyone here actually give a suitable response to that? nope?
hmmm.. could supply another reply to help further..but imo, it's best people work stuff out for themselves,in all honesty.. thanx.
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