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Hi. I've just tried this with a trial version of MIDI guitar. If I load a pre-recorded MIDI track and add MIDI guitar as a VST (as an FX) it plays fine and I can alter the sound via the "Instrument Output" panel in the Avdvanced Tab.

So just check:
1. You have actually recorded MIDI (ie you can see the notes).
2. Have you still got MIDI guitar active on that track? Or even try a different VSTi entirely. Both should work.
3. Make sure you haven't muted that track or perhaps soloed another!
4. Record monitoring should of course be irrelevant when playing back but I am presuming you could hear the sound generated by MIDI Guitar when recording (I mean other than the guitar itself!)

Sorry if these are too basic but I am guilty of all of these at one stage or another and it pays to eliminate the obvious first.
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