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We have to allow "write automation" to "read automation"?????
This makes absolutely no sense at all.

This sould be renamed.

"Arm for recording" actually is a bypass for the control (fader, etc).
If we really need this it should be renamed to "control bypass" or "fader bypass".
Something that reflects what this actually does.

"Bypass" is the bypass for the envelope itself. This should be renamed to "bypass automation" or "bypass envelope" to prevent confusion.

The options in the preferences should be renamed acordingly.
At the moment it is really hard to find this "feature".

While we're at it Reaper needs the missing "automation off for selected track(s)" feature.
We can set tracks individually to read, write, touch etc. Why not off?
I used to use that all the time in Logic.

The mpl script breaks any purposely bypassed envelope states.
It's not the worst substitute but also not perfect.
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