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Default Export options for regions

A nice and very time saving feature for those who do sound design or sound libraries editing (like me) it would be a way to automatically choose to render the regions of a session.

This could include options like now to export stems, and the naming of the audio files could use a combination of the track and the region name, with an editable format just like the excellent SWS Markerlist formating.

For the extra mile, it could also offer option to export different qualities on different paths, or as it could happen, just to support the render queue, so that we could choose 2-3 types of rendering we want to do and then start the queue.

I'm already familiar with the autorender autohotkey script but it doesn't work every time, and it's outside of the reaper environment so everything can happen during the render and mess thing up. It's a great utility script though, but I would prefer something tightly integrated within the reaper environment.

Also this render feature and the render window in general should have presets in order to maintain a nice and clean pipeline.

Remember, in sound design we usually use 300-1000 and more markers and regions per project, creating variations of effects by using different grouping and routing within the same session with similar files and then we need to export all of these with distinctive names in different directories.

This one could be a blast for sound design for games. And the exporting presets would be great for different formats on the end, like if you use one format for Xbox and one for Playstation and one for Web, for the same game title. This also would go a step further the integration of Reaper with Fmod or Wwise projects.

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