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Can you elaborate ? Glue each item to itself is confusing me.
sure... let's say you have a wav file media item that is 10 minutes long... and then you split it up into 10, 1 minute pieces... OK?

Now if you copy any one of those pieces to a new track and drag it out left or right, you will see that the data on either end of where is was split is actuall still there...

But if you take each of those 10 split items and use the Glue just on each one itself, then all that original data will be gone, and the item becomes unique to itself and is just what you see.

So I am assuming that anyone doing sound design things would want to have each piece they have designated as a region to be split out as a unique item... I know I would.

Does that clear it up?

btw I was about to post a custom action for all this but just noticed it was not working properly in all cases... so maybe later

PS... here is the problem:

I can ONLY make this work decently if there are regions with no non-region gaps between them... I don't believe we have enough actions to deal with that situation automatically...

IF we have continuous, consecutive regions, then it's OK to split each to it's own item and glue that item to itself, ready for export via drag and drop or whatever....

So IF we had a way to select multiple items and drag and drop them all at once, it would be much better.

I'll try with markers next...

PSS OK with markers it really works better...

we can have two actions: one goes and makes splits at each and every marker...

than another that just moves to the next item and glues it to itself...

I've made those custom action way back... they are simple two action combinations... but they will get the job done fast...

IF you also had regions for what you wanted to keep, then you could easily select everything NOT in a region and delete it

STILL how to efficiently save all these items to a folder remains a major problem ...when you are talking about hundreds of items... it's a BIG problem
...should be fixed for the next build...

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