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Originally Posted by Arnar View Post
Thanks Hopi , got it.

Joystick .

It's beyond me how you can do seamless looping and export in Reaper , that would be impossible for me as an export adds a sample.,...most of the time, or maybe it's some of the time.? You might never notice though??

Also , regions don't transfer to SF properly.. for me.

Anything to do with getting a large quantity of items out of Reaper, sample accurate or with correct regions has proven a small nightmare for me.

I might be the only one with that one sample problem. Or it might be everyone and I'm the one annoyed by it.

However , I would compare originals and renders if I were you.
When you work in a medium sampling rate of 48KHz (for example) one more sample is like 48000th of a second, so how this is noticeable? Human ears have a far larger ballistic behavior, you cannot recognize one more sample on usual sampling frequencies.

Maybe I didn't understood what you said, do you mean that this extra sample produces a noticeable click when looping? Do you export on a lossy format? Because a mp3 would produce more samples in your loops because it outputs audio in chunks of a specific size (don't remember now) and if the samples are not matching it will put silence to fill that last gap on the output file.

A similar problem is when I export one fine played loop on one application and find out later that another application "clicks" when it repeats the loop, but this is seems to disappear if you have the same sample on the start or tail of the loop. That is why when I make loops for sound design, which is usually ambiances of forests or rain, etc. I use to take the loop I'm working on and copy it so that it's cross fading with the start and the end of the same loop, so I construct a three loops part and then move the region locators (start & end) on the middle of each crossfade, usually that works like a charm ;-)

On music loops it's a different approach, you can always cut on zero crossings or make small fade ins-outs according to your material.

Hope I helped :-)
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