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Originally Posted by Arnar View Post
Wow , impressive , Joystick.

This is so needed for any sound-design work, it's extremely laborious at the moment.

btw> I just had an accident where I was renaming a lot of files, lost the numbering.

150 Kik drum loops ...Numbering integrity needed to sync the top loop and snare's a mess.... haha.

The extra steps involved in getting regions and loops out of Reaper combined with the naming just turns everything into a mess ...but I'm not very organised, have to admit.
Wow so many loops, are you creating music content? That is very interesting, maybe you have some ideas for loop creation that could be integrated in the system I describe, any thoughts?

Without a solution like this I believe it will always will be a lot of work to export regions if you are a content provider or a sound designer, especially for multiple format targets and many multiple-layered sounds with effects.

You can vote here if you like, and because I see that probably music-related topics will get many votes because sound designers are not the biggest players here, if you can and know other people using Reaper and doing that kind of work, please be so kind and forward the Feature Request link to them also to vote it, because a similar older request I did was dead after 2-3 votes.

Here you can vote:

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