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Thank you ashcat. I understood you I think, as you were quite clear. What if I am not sending anything to master buss, and instead, my original intention was to send the instrument on track 1 through a stereo or mono hardware output for summing? (I think I was just very clear, but I can explain more if I was not).

Also, I realize otb I have other options perhaps but I am only summing out there, so my faders for each channel are ITB.

Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
First of all, nothing is going "back" from Track 2 to Track 1. You send from 1 (the original track) to 2 (the reverb track) and then both of them generally send to some parent or bus or whatever where they are mixed together. By default, they will just both pass up to the Master. The point being, it's not any kind of round trip from 1>2>1. That would cause feedback, and Reaper won't let it happen unless you check the box in Project Settings, which you don't normally need or want to do.

Literally left-click and hold on the I/O button on the send track, drag to anywhere on the receive track, and let go of the button. You can also drag from the area in the MCP where sends are displayed and accomplish the same thing.
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