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Originally Posted by Janne83 View Post
In connection with the video:

1.Put Melodyne on the track where you want to take the tempo from

2. Wait until it does the detection

3. Click on the dropdown next to the bpm field in melodyne window and choose Assign file tempo and a tempo graph will open above the blobs in melodyne window where you can do any fine tunning if necessary

4. Click on the + button on the melodyne window (its the upper Reaper part where the param button and bypass is) and choose ARA/export to project/ tempo (you can also export notes or both)

Please note that I dont know if this works in lower versions of Melodyne. I havethe Studio version

Hope this is some help

eh, the tempo thing is always greyed out for me.

Also, I then got the media item stretching to a super fast amount and then reaper just shut down without warning...
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