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Originally Posted by Never View Post
Well, just to clarify, it wasn't in a negative way that I stated that you
talked me out of it.
Totally O.K., I didn't see it as negative.
I was in hurry and my post probably comes off heavier than I intended.
I can also see that including my thoughts on way the thread is heading probably gave it a heavier tone than I intended.

Originally Posted by Never View Post
...alot of work
that is gping down the drain now because
he has been made to feel bad because of
the recent activity here and is taking
the theme down.
My apologies to hwhalen, if that's the case.
My intention wasn't to make him feel bad, I was just giving my perspective for consideration.

Originally Posted by Never View Post
In any event, by posting anything on
the stash you are doing so to share it,
thats what the stash is for.
Absolutely, totally agree if it's working theme.
If it's just a PNG of a theme being worked on, then I think the PNG is for sharing and does not imply consent to build your own version of the unfinished theme to share with everyone else.

Originally Posted by Never View Post
...He (WT) asked people not to recreate
the new Imperial until it is done...
This goes to the heart of what I'm talking about.
For me, waiting until the OP is done before making your own version known or available is the default action.
I don't see why it needs to be stated or clarified.

Again, I think this is a great topic for discussion for all themers contribute to.
I had hoped you would open a thread on it.
I will start the thread and move this discussion there if you prefer.
Please let me know.

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