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Originally Posted by krahosk View Post
Chord markers in ME would interfere with the visibility of existing markers. Plus, there is no editable marker lane within the ME. We would have to ask for something simpler that the DEVs could implement in the line of how REAPER already manages things.
sorry to disagree! it would just interfere if they want too. They can add another row for this purpose on top of timeline.

My purposed functionality adds much more workflow and integration and possibilities then any identification/ action anyone might do in this direction. Instead, gives much more power for users and scripting with an accurate and flexible chord/harmony/scale system which they can rely and actually helps them straight away, specially if you take in consideration :

"2nd: this Markers could manage/define what key snapping option displayed in midi editor, instead of media clip be forced to use 1 only scale/ chord as it is now"

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