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Hi Jester,

What follows is a summary of what is mentioned in the following threads :-

For 64bit Windows 10 go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page and download - NOTE it has to be the "shared" version. You could try a newer shared version e.g. but I know 4.1.3 works for me.

In Windows Exporler Navigate to
or, from within REAPER, click on the Options menu and select Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder and then navigate to the UserPlugins folder.

From the downloaded file, extract ONLY the .DLL files (from the ffmpeg-4.1.3-win64-shared\bin folder) to the UserPlugins folder.

Restart REAPER.

In the Render window you should now be able to export H.264 by selecting
Output format: Video(ffmpeg/libav encoder)
Format: QT/MOV/MP4
Video coded: H.264

Specifying the file extension ".mp4" to the output filename in the Render window e.g. Filename.mp4 will force an MPEG-4 container file format rather than a QuickTime ".mov" container.
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