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Default Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a new flat theme inspired by Default Analog and the flat GUI's of Valhalla and Fabfilter plugins. Emphasis is on clarity, flexibility, consistency, and usability. There are dark, medium, and light versions, each with 14 MCP layouts, 8 TCP layouts, two MCP and TCP masters, and two transports. Each of these layouts is available in Black, Silver, and Classic flavors. There are mouseover effects whenever possible to increase visual feedback, and these are consistent throughout the theme - among main toolbar, user toolbars, effects, mixer sends, etc.

Of course, I want to give all credit due to White Tie, Lerian, and anyone else who may have contributed. Almost all of the PNGs and much of the WALTER are new but lots of their work is under the hood.

Deep Blue Dark

Deep Blue Silver

Deep Blue Bright

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