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Originally Posted by tparker24 View Post
Although I don't know much about Perl or C, I muddled through somehow and was able to cobble together the python interface file needed for python users. I'm calling it

You need to place it in your Plugins (not UserPlugins) directory. For example, in my portable install it goes in: D:\REAPER\Plugins

Then, in your python script, you need to have an import like: from JS_ReaScriptAPI import *

Here's my little python test script:
from JS_ReaScriptAPI import *
v = JS_ReaScriptAPI_Version(0)
This is unofficial, and there are no guarantees, but it works fine in my little test script.

Attached is the txt file (916 lines), which you need to rename to:
Attachment 35525

Hope this helps, but let me know if I've encroached on the author!

- Tom
Thank you
It will be very helpful for Python Scripters...
Ultraschall-API - a Lua-functions-library4Reaper:
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