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Default Is PathSync 0.35 Reliable On Win7 64bit In 2013?!


This util looks exactly like what I have always been looking for

I installed 0.35 on Win7 64bit and it immediately gave some kind of error saying it may not have installed properly. I just clicked OK and told it that it had installed OK.

All seemed to be going well with my backup in default mode. I was copying from the main hard drive to an external hard drive. When i unplugged my USB pen I got the error

"PathSync - Synchronization : pathsync.exe - Delayed Write Failure... windows was unable to save all the data for the file... the data has been lost..."

And then stopped at 94%. I also got a lot of "Error opening source" and "tmpdest" on many files. The tmpdest files have a weird PSYN_TMP extension?

Is a delayed write failure expected if I unplug a usb pen that should have nothing to do with the backup operation?

Basically, I love this app, but *is it to be trusted* on my modern system? THANKS.
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