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Hi there,

in general what you can do is simply encode your microphone signals with their directions during recording, as ReaDave has already proposed. There are quite a lot of tools available which are capable of this, as it's basic Ambisonic panning:
- IEM MultiEncoder or StereoEncoder
- ambix_encoder
- O3A panner

I personally would recommend using tools which support higher order Ambisonics, at least third order, as anything below is not very good in my opinion. Unfortunately, Waves B360 Encoder only supports first order.

Double-MS is basically 2D Ambisonics. You can see first order Ambisonics as a tripple-MS, as you have one Omni-signal (mid) and three figure of eights (sides).

Regarding the array2sh by SPARTA: this plug-in is brilliant, however it's not what you are looking for. It encodes spherical (and cylindrical) microphone arrays into Ambisonics. Those arrays should be as coincident as possible, we are talking about a radius of only few centimeters. I suppose your front/back stereo pairs had a bigger distance.

tl;dr; treat your microphone signals as separate sources, and encode them with their directions into higher order Ambisonics.

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