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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
If the MIDI Editor is set to display all MIDI channels, then clicking the piano keys sends notes on MIDI channel 01.

To send them on, say channel 10, change the Editor to display MIDI on channel 10 only, sing the "drop-up" list in the lower right-hand corner.
Hi DS, somehow it works different for me.

If I've got my midi track set up and routed to send Channel 2 to to my Kontakt VSTi, that is the channel that's going to play my Kontakt instrument that is set for Channel 2. It don't seem to matter which channel my midi notes are on or what the little box down in the right corner is set to.

Same for the Midi Editor keyboard, it plays the channel that my midi track is routed to.

Heh heh, you know more than I do DS, so maybe you could explain?
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