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Someone like White Ties or someone who does a lot of theme work can probably give you the exact answer. I don't know the exact answer here (unless you wanted to know the top part, where the midi/audio items are placed), but I do have little advice for trying to find these theme elements, yourself.

I generally tackle it one of a couple of ways (both are actions):

Theme development: Show theme tweak/configuration Window:
- Take a wild stab at what the name of that section is. Generally, they start with some sort of grouping name. So if I had to guess, the top one is going to be track_something, and the bottom transport_something. Then, I'd suggest you first remember the color that it was before so you can change it back.. then make a drastic change to that color so it stands out so you know you got it right.

Theme development: Show theme element finder:
- You can just cycle through each of the elements slowly and when the element you're changing highlights in pink, you win! It can be a bit time consuming this way, and like the other suggested way, you'll probably start with track_ and transport_ . I had a very quick look just now (I can't really do any better than that, as I have to remote in via mobile to use Reaper right now) and didn't see anything obvious though. I have found that this theme element finder does not include everything. I may be wrong though.
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