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Originally Posted by alextone View Post
Out of curiosity, have you tried running both instances at the same time? And if you try, what's the result?

I have a problem with Reaper not having enough midi ports out to a big standalone instance of Linuxsampler running all my samples, and i'm thinking of giving R a rest for a while, and using something else, but if both instances can be running at the same time, and they can sync correctly (and of course, both use Jack correctly), then I may be able to work something out with splitting my orchestra in half, and working in adjacent desktops.


[EDIT] Never mind, i just tried it. Reaper-1 and Reaper-2. When i try to open Reaper-2 in a terminal, it tells me it's reverting to the already running instance and stops.
Worth a try!
I can only have one Reaper started.
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