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Originally Posted by SonicAxiom View Post
if you save a project template that has the desired setting, does it still change if you open that project template?

What OS are you on and what Reaper version are you using?

Latest Reaper, 64-bit, on Win 10.

I think so, but am not sure. I usually use a template that has that setting. But sometimes I don't use the template.

The reason I don't always use the template is this:

My template has a lot of tracks with a lot of instruments and a lot of specific settings. It takes a bunch of seconds to open up. So I don't use it if I'm doing a test on one thing, like a new VST.

But sometimes the VST tests evolve into songs. I think that's where rendering full project when not expecting to, because I"m expecting that setting to be where I want it.

Maybe this should be a feature request, if it doesn't exist?
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