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You are maybe confusing DPC latency with audio latency. There is only a faint connection between these two as in "raising ASIO buffers may or may not help avoiding dropouts due to DPC related usurpation of the CPU".

Originally Posted by reapercurious View Post
>>>laptops use acpi to check the battery and that service causes dropouts as well as added latency.
Not laptops in general. Some models suffer from this, others don't. It's also not always the ACPI battery services causing DPC problems in laptops.

Originally Posted by reapercurious View Post
also, having wifi enabled adds latency.
These problems are not confined to Laptops, some desktop PCs have problems with DPC latency as well. This is a rather complex issue and generalizations are not possible since the culprit can be a lot of things from faulty hardware to bad BIOS implementations and of course drivers.
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