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=== Runner-ups ===

Here you find plugins that where on the list but are replaced by other plugins. Also, as above is 'my list', a place to add plugins that I don't use myself but several participants in this topic have suggested as being a good choice/solution.

--- Instruments ---

- Kx-PolyM-CSE: CS70M emulation (sound-wise, not the frontpanel), pretty good for free -
- Triple Cheese: Great synth for more digital sounds (a bit like FM), but check for alternative skins -
- Superwave P8: for that analogue-ish pads and string sounds -
- Analog Warfare: for that little bit of difference -
- Odo DoubleSix: because I really want an FM-synth in my kit - (don't get the XXL-version, it looks great but it has audio problems)
- Crystal: the free alternative for Absynth, not my thing but a very deep synth -
- Atlantis: another big 3 osc monster. I don't like the sound much but some swear by it -
- Hahaha CS33: just to good to pass on, great for leads, basses and what not -
- Logana: in the same realm as CS33 but with a different approach - (scroll down)
- AM Additive Table Synth: a digital sounding instrument to balance out all the VA's -
- Adonis: Very big synth, used to be payware -
- Rumpelrausch AZR3: for the more gritty organ stuff -
- MinimogueLuxus: a minimoog clone, still the free one to beat in this area -
- Lallapalooza: another one of the best SE-synths, sounds great -
- Xhip: another one of the great oldtimers, very good filter -
- massTurboTAR: very raw sounding synth with a unique morphing system -
- Voyager: A real big 4 osc synth, great sound. NOTE: skinned version has some issues in Reaper -
- RMXL: Specialized in percussive and metallic sounds -
- The Blooo: Very Roland-ish sounding -
- Elektrostudio: some of the best vintage emulations -
- Tal NoiseMaker: many people regard this one as very good, a little heavy on CPU though -
- Tyrell N6 - Top of the line free VA-synth, but a little heavy on CPU -
- Charlatan: arguably one of the best sounding free VA-synths available right now -
- MauSynth: this one has been flying under the radar for some time, incredible good sound -
- Synapse Junglist: used to be commercial, now available for free. A very good synth with pretty deep features -

--- Effects ---

- Nomad Factory Warmer Phaser: very phat sounding -
- KarmaFX 31-band graphic EQ: you can 'stack' three and get 93 bands -
- Arguru's Stardust: Another great mastering processor with a different approach -
- T-sledge: Multiband compressor/expander/limiter for mastering purposes -
- Blockfish & Floorfish: surely among the top-end of the free dynamics stuff -

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