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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
However, as it is not realy freeware it won't make it to my 'selection', same as Ambience... great verb but not realy freeware and I want to be strict on that issue.
Right, it's donationware. I forgot about that.

Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
By the way, testing free reverbs proved quite a job, makes me a bit afraid to do this for compressors .... but will do as I'm learning heaps of stuff in the process.
Oh I know, been there myself. As I do a lot of orchestral stuff I've been on the quest for the best free verb for some time, and I believe I've tried virtually all of them at one point or another. My go-to reverb is epicVerb which is indeed awesome but I find the controls less than straightforward. In terms of sound quality it's top notch though, with Mo' Verb or possibly the buggy Freeverb3 NVerb as a close second. Omniverb is great when you need something CPU-frugal for inserts. I've used Glaceverb occasionally but the parameters are very unorthodox and it's hard dialling in a useable sound.

This is a very interesting thread. I'm looking forward to see what free compressors you will favor. You do realize that it'll take a year or so to test them all, right?
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