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I gave Boogex a shot, I guess you can't complain for free but latency is just a bit too much for live use. Maybe if I get asio4all working again it would be ok but I'm using the asio driver from my Edirol and the lowest setting on it is low but not super low like asio4all. This coupled with a little more slowdown from Boogex pushes it to being too much. Some controls that are very useful (crucial even) for working with reverb which are found in most other convolution plugs are lacking in Boogex.

I'm finding that a number of effects are making nasty noises when bypassing them with the check box on the effects screen.

Sir, Boogex, Ambience, and maybe a couple of others.

This seems like a problem with Reaper, I've used these effects in Audition and never had issue with them.
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