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Originally Posted by jrengmusic View Post
From theme perspective, fx parameters are bind into extmixer along with fx and send list. So you either show or hide them all. It means if you want to hide fx parameters you will also lose the ability to view/control the fx and sends on mcp.

You can hide the extmixer on mcp with WALTER with the following code
set mcp.extmixer.position [0]
alternatively, without touching WALTER nor changing any theme layout. There’s an API which could be accesed via script to set the height proportion of fx and send list.

PHP Code:
countTrack reaper.CountTracks(0)
0countTrack do
track reaper.GetTrack(0,i)
track ~= nil then
The code above is Lua. Basically tell REAPER to max out the height of fx list and send list, so it will hide the fx parameters on mcp on all track.
I just tried the script but it doesn't work for me. To make it clear I want to hide (or at least minimize as possible) this red circled area but without touching the one in the master track.
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