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Default More advance features request


A happy liceCap for Mac user here. Please add support for:

1. Frame editing like removing frames, frame re-positioning, changing frame rate, etc. Sometimes there are some unnecessary frames got captured during recording. It's a lot easier to remove them instead of recording the whole process again.

2. Insert text with more options like non-blocking style (like movie subtitle), text color, position, font type and size, alignment, emoji, etc. Also for the title text up-front.

3. Insert basic shapes like arrow, (round) rectangle, line, ellipse, star, etc with options. This is important for video annotation, like for teaching.

All of these features are important when recording for teaching. I use liceCap for that purpose. I've tried many gif editor apps, including the commercial ones, but the gif files they produce are much worse than what liceCap produces. The gif becomes bloated, blur, and saturated. The process is very slow too, while liceCap is almost instantaneous.

For example, a 30 seconds live screen recording using liceCap produces a sharp gif image with about 200 frames in 480x300 resolution takes only about 150-200 kb. But when it's re-saved (no editing) by other gif editor apps, it becomes blur, saturated, and takes about 1.5-2.0 Mb. Larger file with lower image quality. It's ridiculous.

I can use Mac's built-in Preview app for image annotation, but it's so buggy for gif files, especially when the gif has hundreds of frames. Most of the time, it just hangs up when saving the file. I don't think it's a good usable solution.

So, I hope my proposal would be seriously considered and implemented in the next version of liceCap.

Thank you.


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