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In that case, 0 dB may or may not be a clip, depending on whether it corresponds to -1.0 amplitude or +1.0 amplitude.

16-bit and 24-bit PCM have the same issue. I don't know how Reaper maps floats to fixed-point PCM, but it's a factor.
Yuussss- see,i had this out with some reason users a while back- they didn't quite get the point that the big meter there will show a dinky lil red light if a peak hits tpeak of 0- but- this is not a true clip indicator--that only gets triggered when it's measuring 0.0(lot of zeros here)..01 over.
I like to think of it as a "soft,pre0 clip indicator".

I don't think even Justin knows exactly the numbers that are generated once audio interacts with a dac-any readings used there will totally depend on the precise position of dac phase when a measurement is taken -I think,like a phase snapshot.

Are your measurements showing consistently exact numbers when your crunching them with floating point calcs?
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