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Default MIDI Itemīs edges : discrepancy between arrange and MIDI Editor

While composing with Reaper, I notice the following : it seems we can only drag a MIDI itemīs edges by whole measures on the MIDI editor right now, while the arrange view allows, as expected, to drag the edges following the grid. Look at this :

When I open the MIDI Editor, the left edge of the item is shown - wrongly - on the start of the measure :

This is plainly confusing, and Iīm sure that this behaviour is relatively new, since remember I could always drag the itemīs edges normally inside the MIDI Editor, following the grid. Maybe thereīs a new setting somewhere, which causes this, but from the composing side of things, this is plainly wrong.

This happen on v6.02. I havenīt tested older releases, but Iīm sure that v5 didnīt present this behaviour, at least up to a certain point.
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