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First off, it does not depend on an impulse file, the built-in reverb generator is all you need.

Trying to recreate that, I start coming to the conclusion that your chances to find this were approximately 1:100,000,000,000,000,000,000! Here's why:

- It happens only when the send (=ReaVerb input) level is attenuated by ~25dB or more

- It happens only when the item is located between seconds 0 and a tad beyond 2 on the timeline, but not when it's right at the start, and only when it's being played for the first time (if you create a loop selection, it won't happen at the second loop pass)

- Here it comes - I have yet to find a sample/source/signal that triggers that like your kick sample. If I use ReaPitch to shift your sample 1 cent down or 4 cent up, it won't happen anymore. O_o EQing the sample does not help, neither does normalizing or glueing.

Whatever kick sample or signal I throw at it, it won't happen. Only your file, which is technically just like all others (in particular after glueing it = new source sample) is triggering this under the circumstances mentioned above.

A theory would be that the spectral composition of that sample is playing a role, but then again super minimal pitch-shifting doesn't really change that spectrum but fixes, while EQing the hell out of the sound does not. However the sample must have some property that makes that happen.

Weirdest/most interesting thing I had the joy to spend a morning with in a long time.

Edit: Whatever weirdness is in the file to trigger the drop, it is in the "room" part after the kick - if I remove that by any means (cut/fade/shorten item), the problem goes away.

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