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Default Various large media source file problems (FIXED)

I'm having problems with large multichannel audio files in video files. To be clear, video is not being displayed. (Actually, I don't think REAPER can read the video stream of Apple ProRes 422 files, anyway.)

#1 - I imported an 89Gb .MOV file with 4 audio channels into REAPER. The waveform is drawn but if I set it to use only the first channel (Media Item Properties, Left only), the waveform disappears unless I zoom in horizontally.

#2 - Changing back to "Normal" (audio channels) in MIP forces a redraw of the waveforms.

#3 - After opening Sonnox SuprEsser (a heavy plugin), REAPER stops responding to keyboard commands and things like dragging plugin order, and tends to crash (even SuprEsser controls don't respond properly). When I attempted to update REAPER to 5.27pre1, the installer told me that reaper_wave.dll was still in use. (I had to wait a minute for it to be released.) Does that give you a hint as to what's gone wrong?

There are 3 possible causes that I can imagine: source is video file, source contains multichannel audio, or video file is HUGE. I'm inclined to think it's the last one, since it causes REAPER to run very slowly, with frequent freezes that don't interrupt playback (you can't press stop if you try).
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