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Originally Posted by daxliniere View Post
#3 - After opening Sonnox SuprEsser (a heavy plugin), REAPER stops responding to keyboard commands and things like dragging plugin order, and tends to crash (even SuprEsser controls don't respond properly). When I attempted to update REAPER to 5.27pre1, the installer told me that reaper_wave.dll was still in use. (I had to wait a minute for it to be released.) Does that give you a hint as to what's gone wrong?
This sounds like it is probably the decoding for this file which is hanging. Finding out which decoder it is using will help, but it might just not be advisable to use this media with REAPER.

It might help to use the "no hi-res peaks" option, actually.

Please let me know what decoder mode it's using and what version of the decoder you're using (Media source properties, and the info from prefs/video/show decoder information).

I'm making myself a massive 70GB, 4 channel, 130 minute file now, to test with.

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